The Seltzer

After hearing about it, he wanted to do it too. Just better.

Think less, live more – that’s the only thing you need to remember while enjoying our hard seltzers. By being as uplifting as a beach walk and as refreshing as a sea breeze, these drinks effortlessly fit the OYESTER dna. Warning: when pairing it with your favourite type of street food, the ultimate flavor combination will be unleashed.

The idea for OYESTER®️ Maritime Hard Seltzers emerged after finding out about the successful summer of seltzer in the US. The only downside we could discover was that all of these products were made using the same, singe, fruit flavour. We didn’t hesitate to see this as an opportunity. We created more exciting blends, more vibrant flavours and colours and more memorable experiences in the shape of 100% Dutch made, light and thirst-quenching drinks with only 82 calories. Cheers to that!

We followed the unwritten rules of hard seltzers – low in alcohol and very low in sugar and calories – but we immediately stopped following the rules from there. Under the guise of natural or nothing we don’t use any artificial colourings or preservatives, and besides we added a tiny pinch of natural sea salt from De Zeeuwsche Zoute for an extra punch. Just goes to show that we are all about using local natural ingredients to create drinks to remember. Ready? Steady. Go.


Pomelo Punch

Pomelo ~ Grapefruit ~ Tangerine

The bittersweet melody that allows you to unwind.


Tropical Punch

Pineapple ~ Passionfruit ~ Mango ~ Orange

The tropical surprise that elevates your everyday.






The ingredients

OYESTER Maritime Hard Seltzers are based on smooth grain alcohol, paired with natural fruit flavours and strengthened with a pinch of natural sea salt from De Zeeuwsche Zoute. The two different styles are Pomelo Punch (pomelo, grapefruit and tangerine) and Tropical Punch (pineapple, passionfruit, mango and orange).

The combinations

The refreshing line-up of exciting flavours that OYESTER Maritime Hard Seltzers comprehend are well paired with street foods of any kind. Whether you are at a festival or at the beach, at a food truck or at home – as long as you’re with likeminded people that share your love for great food and experiences, you will be able to have a good time with these noteworthy drinks. Check out the stories on the website and our Instagram for amazing recipes, food pairing inspiration and other exciting news we can’t keep to ourselves.